Development and Implementation of Environmental Management Systems

Crane assists construction-related organisations in the development and implementation of environmental policies, procedures and management systems in line with the international standard ISO 14001. These can be developed for the organisation itself or for individual construction projects.

At Crane Environmental we combine an understanding of construction with knowledge and expertise in environmental matters and management systems. We therefore understand the particular requirements of applying environmental management to project-related businesses and construction processes.

Organisations assisted in this way include contractors, architects, designers and housing associations.

Examples of recent assignments include:

  • assisting a major construction materials supplier to secure certification to BES6001 on Resposible Sourcing
  • assisting a major firm of architects to successfully add formal environmental management to their management systems and gain ISO14001 certification

In addition to assisting with the development of environmental management systems, we also offer practical advice on improving environmental performance of construction sites through Site Environmental Management Plans.

Communications and Corporate Relations

Adopting an environmentally responsible approach at company level is only the first step. It is vital that this decision is communicated internally and externally.

To aid with this, there are a variety of established procedures to follow. Crane can assist with the publication of Environmental Policy Statements and the communication of any other environmental aspects involved in construction.

Read Crane's Environmental Policy Statement.