Environmental Policy Statement

Crane Environmental Ltd aims to provide a high-quality, value-for-money consultancy service on a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues.

Our objective is to help improve the environmental and sustainability performance of our clients' businesses, projects or interests by providing advice, guidance and training, and by carrying out studies and research and development.

Where possible, we will do this in a way that minimises impact on the environment.

In particular, at Crane we will:

  • minimise our use of the private motor vehicle, where practical

  • seek to employ office management procedures, and purchase materials and equipment, which it has been demonstrated have less environmental impact than comparable procedures, materials or equipment with an otherwise similar performance

  • manage our own office facilities with the aim of minimising impact on the environment, including:

    • ensuring efficient use of energy and water
    • endeavouring to minimise waste, e.g. by utilising materials and products to the full and reusing and recycling whenever it is environmentally appropriate
    • seeking from our suppliers the best available information on the environmental impact of the products they provide to us
    • using cleaning materials and other products that, as far as we are able to determine, have low or minimal environmental impact
  • develop environmental management procedures to assist in the implementation and monitoring of this policy
  • make this environmental policy statement publicly available as well as the details and results of our environmental management system
  • join in and/or support appropriate initiatives that increase the understanding of and action on environmental issues.